Graduated from Minsk State Art College and Saint Petersburg Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design, as a painter and a painter of monumental art, K.Tishkevich realizes herself mostly through painting. Her art is based on her personal, inner experience and reflections about human being, sense of life, personal path and self formation. She aimes to convey inexpressible feelings, subtle emotions, which are hardly possible to explain with common language. Tishkevich's art is destined to make the viewer feel a shared experience. She explores the ways of interacting emotionally and metaphorically using symbolic emotional language that allows her art to be comprehended more broadly.

Aiming to speak the most meaningful language and to transfer the core of experience and interactions, her works don't have any social marks or markings of the outside material world. Spaces and people in her works are reduced to their primordial being.

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